Understanding the versatility of Sceletium dosages.

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Sleep or stimulate? Sceletium Tortuosum aids in it all.

For centuries, the tribes of Southern Africa have used Sceletium Tortuosum for numerous different reasons. From harnessing the energy-providing forces of the plant for stamina on long hunting trips, to giving the dried plant material to children to chew whilst teething, to help alleviate pain.

With modern scientific research helping us understand this plant on a deeper level than ever before, we now also know of its therapeutic benefits as a natural mood enhancer and nervine. Assisting in calming the nervous system, it is very quickly becoming the recommended replacement for pharmaceutical antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication.

What we have found most interesting about sceletium is the change in effect and benefit depending on the dose that you consume.

Below is a rough guideline to the dosing of our Sceletium products.

Low doses : 5-10 drops of our Euphorika sceletium extract – provide the user with more calming effects. Can be used in tea before bed to help one sleep or daily microdosing for anxiety.

Higher doses: 20-40 drops of our Euphorika Sceletium extract – provide the user with more stimulating effects. Used for energy, mental focus and mood boosting properties. 20 drops of extract is equailvent to one of our Euphorika Nanoshots.

Please be advised that the effects you may feel from Sceletium will always vary from person to person depending on how sensitive you are to stimulants, as well as other factors such as body weight, constitution, time of day etc.

We recommend experimenting with what doses resonate for you and your body. This can be a very beautiful way to get to know the spirit of the plant and how it can best help you in every situation.

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