When Women Gather

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She is us and we are all of her. 

Something very special happens when women sit together in circle to share. There is a melting of the walls that we construct in daily life for self-protection. There is an opening… A deep cracking open of our hearts that leads to a tangible connection which is weaved through our individual beings, creating unity within sisterhood.. 

Whenever I sit with women, there is the space to be completely vulnerable. Such circles embody the true essence of the feminine. We are chaotic, we cry and then laugh and then cry because we are laughing. We are gentle, we flow. We are strong and we know. We don’t know why we know but we just know. 

Through both attending and hosting women’s circles my partner and I have become very familiar with a variety of plant allies that assist in women’s health. Plants such as red clover blossom (which aids in fertility), Cacao (which is a powerful heart opener and vasodilator), Oat Straw( a natural tonic to the nervous system -making it good for recovering from exhaustion) and Sceletium. 

We introduced Sceletium Tortusoum at our last women’s circle and had some beautiful results and feedback.

A red clover and rose geranium herbal infusion mixed with Sceletium Tortuosum, working her way down our throats, into our hearts and landing gently in our wombs.

We found that Sceletium has an interesting way of adapting to each person individually. We often find it challenging to accurately describe the effects of the plant as everyone seems to have very unique experiences. But overall as a natural anti anxiety, Sceletium helps to dissolve those boundaries that we usually have in place, allowing the heart space to be open and all emotions to be felt without the anxious mind interfering too much. 

In this way women can truly allow themselves to surrender and we have discovered that Sceletium is the perfect ally in this surrendering, leading to deep trust and insight into one’s self. 

2 thoughts on “When Women Gather”

  1. Reading “When Women Gather” made me realise how amazing it is to be a woman. I realise we spend so much time moaning about all the things we have to deal with….but how lucky are we that we have such a unique and beautiful bond! Thanks for sharing the magic of Sceletium!

  2. I loved reading this. “We don’t know why we know but we just know. ” so true. This sounds like such a special experience ❤️

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